Project Info

Internship Project in Creative Embassy

Client: Centralhub Connections

CentralHub Connections - Website Redesign

How it started

I was a design intern in SME advertisement agency, Creative Embassy for 3 months in 2014. One of the projects I was involved in was Centralhub Connections website redesign for computer and phone screen. The website is mainly built in Adobe Muse and Photoshop.

Design Process

Centralhub Connections main business is providing training portal service and they are aiming to revamp the website to be more professional and informative to their target audience.


Below is the website wireframe I sketched based on discussion results between the business manager and client.

website wireframe

After the team agreed, I proceed to build in Adobe Muse and went through several iterations until the final design was sent to client.

website wireframe
Lesson learned

After I left my internship, the company website only up for a few months and disappear later on. Although I was a bit sad, the experience of learning and building my first website brings joy and confidence to me.