Virtual Lemonade

How it started

Virtual Lemonade is a platform to remotely share a glass of lemonade by sensing, communicating, and simulating its flavor information digitally. This is an extension of Digital Taste project, developed by Nimesha Ranasinghe in Keio-NUS CUTE Center.

I worked together with the research engineers to build and test the physical prototypes, as well as assess the user experience of tasting the virtual lemonade.

Virtual Lemonade  
Design Process

To teleport the lemonade, I made PoC prototype that consists of sensing module and simulator module. For more details about design considerations, please read it here.

Virtual Lemonade diagram Virtual Lemonade prototype  
Lesson learned

In this project, I first being introduced and learned on how to conduct a controlled user study and quantitative data analysis. We hypothesize that there is no statistical difference in flavor experience between real and virtual lemonade. Although our experiment proves that the virtual one provides similar perception of sourness compare to the real lemonade, we received mixed opinions during our live demo presentation. Some people can really perceive lemonade flavor, some just feel tingling sensation on their tongue. This is when I realize that gathering qualitative data of user feedback is further needed to improve the current virtual taste experience. Furthermore, flavor experience is a very subjective and different from person to person. A taste persona would be potentially useful for understanding multisensory flavor perception.

Virtual Lemonade - TEI demo  

This research is supported by National Research Foundation, Prime Minister's Office, Singapore under its International Research Centers in Singapore Funding Initiatives.