Just for fun



I picked up a new hobby recently. Hydroponic!

I never knew it could be this exciting! I got the kit from Jakarta (my hometown) and started to grow the plants in Singapore. I have four different seeds currently (mustard greens, xiao bai cai, spinach and water spinach).

First Trial

Okay, here it is! I am planting mustard greens (I think).   Hydroponic - day 1 Hydroponic - day 2 Hydroponic - day 3

And they were all withered :(

Hydroponic - day 6  
Second Trial

The first trial was not successful. I guess is because the water nutrition composition was not correctly measured. But, I can still try again :)

Hydroponic - 2nd trial

I realized the similarity between the 1st and 2nd one. They grew so tall! It is because there is no enough sunlight (I live in high-rise apartment and there is no enough sunlight in my living room). But anyway, I still let the plants grow to see how long this one can survive.

Hydroponic - 2nd trial -2

The plants just grew taller and taller, but the leaves still quite tiny. I decided to harvest it and cook it for my lunch (sounds brutal, but fortunately it is only a plant).

Third Trial
Hydroponic - 3rd trial

Finally! I manage to grow it properly! I placed the plants outside my house to receive enough sunlight and it works. Thank you to my flatmates who helped me to take care of them while I am away for weeks!


More trials and photos are coming up soon!