How it started

Ambiotherm is a wearable accessory for VR headsets that can provide additional thermal and air-flow sensations to traditional VR experiences. By providing user with a combination of visual, auditory, thermal and wind sensations, Ambiotherm is able to increase users' sense of presence in VR experiences

I worked together with the research engineer to build and test the physical prototypes, as well as assess user experience in VR.

Ambiotherm process  
Design Process

To simulate wind and thermal feedback in VR, we modified the current VR sytem (we used Samsung Gear VR - 2015) by adding small fans facing the user's face and peltier elements behind the neck. For more details about the ergonomic studies and analysis, please click here.

Ambiotherm Ambiotherm studies  
Lesson Learned

Somehow modification on the standard research method is necessary. For example, to measure user's presence in VR, we changed the questionnaire based on our research needs. However, we understand that clear justification must be provided to ensure that our research is valid.


This research is supported by National Research Foundation, Prime Minister's Office, Singapore under its International Research Centers in Singapore Funding Initiatives.